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Who We Are

We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About AI camera

The brand concept is inspired by the best-selling book THE UNIVERSE IN A NUTSHELL  ( Stephen William Hawking )
We are Chinese Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Sourcing and Marketing company for creative products & solutions.​
​Since 2019 we launch TRUE AI camera solution to lead smart home security industry into AI era.

Birdfeeder camera
Creative Design

What we do

We Deliver Exceptional Solution, Technology and Product Around the World

How we do


Complete electronic consumer production chain including moulding, SMT, Len adjustment, assemble, packing and QC.​
Production compacity: 4 million cameras output per year


Most of current market "Smart camera" use PIR sensor to trigger camera recording, the camera can notify users "something happen" but this is not enough.
XNUTSHELL®️ offer TRUE AI camera solution based on cloud AI algorithm, the camera not only notify users "something happen" but also "what happen"


Embedded Software Development
App Development
IoT Essence
Visual Intelligence
Smart Voice
​Device Interconnection

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