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The Story of  XNUTSHELL®
XNUTSHELL® means X products in A Nutshell.

Our Vision:
Customize your dream to make a better world.

Our Mission:
Support our client to implement their dream, design, idea to real world via global manufacturing network, supply chain and know-how.

We focus on creative, patent products to improve daily life by clean,green and healthy environment.
The brand concept is inspired by the best-selling book THE UNIVERSE IN A NUTSHELL  ( Stephen William Hawking )

We are Chinese Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Sourcing and Marketing company for creative products & materials.

We focus on crossover creative products & materials including AI camera, Smart home, Security, Power Bank, Solar, Consumer Electronic, Wellness, Sports Goods, Industry solution and Material.

China's strong manufacturing ecological chain, adequate human resources, stable and efficient logistics system make us capable of any complex products and/or projects.

DESIGN-Industrial design-3D/2D modeling-Mechanical design-Electronic design-Electrical design-VR design-Packaging design

ENGINEERING-CAD/CAE/CAM-Testing-Prototyping-Tooling/Molding-Material sizing&testing-Product Lifecycle testing

MANUFACTURING-Production process management-Factory control management-Certificate management-Quality control-Material supplier management-3rd party inspection/Audit reports

SOURCING-Supply chain management-Import/Export service-Freight forwarding & custom clearance-Warehouse service international/domestic-Logistic service international/domestic

MARKETING-Brand identity-Market research international/domestic-Distribution management-Sales management-Exhibition service/support-Partnership building

FINANCE-Project Investment-Project Financing-Angel Investment-Listing Planning-Crowdfunding

Ideas bring you from 0 to 1, we bring you from 1 to 10!


Designers, Engineers, Technicians etc.

Freelancers are the future key co-worker for creative industry


With their unlimited ideas and unlimited working conditions they can create market unique solutions compare to employee in fix working time and fix working location

XNUTSHELL® organize the Freelancers network for each single project with specific process to keep fresh ideas and lead the market

Factory alliance

Mechanical manufacturers, Electrical/Electronic manufacturers,
Original equipment manufacturers etc.

XNUTSHELL® build up a Factory alliance for different kinds of products/solutions/applications.


All factories had certificated by 3rd party inspection company and all factories rank Top10 in their focused industries all over China

In technical point of view with these factory alliance we can produce any kinds of products


Labs, Talent and creative professors/students etc.

University and related research labs/institute are the strong technology support for XNUTSHELL® 

With talent and creative professors/students ideas and contributions we can build up a lot of new production method/process/material for our projects

We also fund and support these labs to develop market unique technology and know-how

Global network

Sales, Marketing, global distribution network etc.

Global operation network leads us to success

XNUTSHELL® develops own distribution network covering Europe, North&South America, Middle East, Asia and Africa etc

We bring value-added service to our clients/partners not only the production and development but also the sales&marketing promotion services all over the world