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AI camera

XNUTSHELL®️ - A leading B2B OEM supplier offering
AI-powered security wireless cameras, video doorbells and bird feeder cameras.

Up to 8 camera portfolio

30+ camera types available

Multi language App in global market

4 million camera production capacity

What We Offer

AI - powered cameras:

  • Security cameras

  • Wireless cameras

  • Bullet cameras

  • PTZ cameras

  • Video Doorbell

  • ​Birdfeeder cameras

Who needs OEM

Brand owners

Elevate your camera offerings with our cutting-edge AI-powered solution, ensuring enhanced customer experiences and differentiation in smart home market


Stay ahead of the competition with our innovative AI-powered camera solution
Attract tech-savvy customers seeking smart and reliable home security solutions.


Boost your camera product portfolio and profitability, delivering top-quality, customizable solutions and products.


Expand your market reach and meet diverse customer demands by offering a comprehensive range of AI-powered cameras and IoT devices.

XNUTSHELL AI birdfeeder camera
XNUTSHELL AI birdfeeder camera

Top Rank Sales

Security wireless camera

XNUTSHELL AI security wireless camera CG6

High definition

Infrared, WHITE light and start light

2.4 GHz Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)

Alarm Notification

Cloud and SD card storage

Long battery life thanks to power save

Dustproof and Waterproof: IP65

Human, car, package AI detection

Dog, cat, bird AI identification

Certificate: CE, FCC, RoHS, WEEE

Video doorbell

XNUTSHELL AI video doorbell DB1

Real time video and audio

2K HD video with 2048X1536

4:3 aspect ratio with 156° field of view

Support wIre-free & wired installation

One doorbell support multiple chimes

Activity zone for intelligent push

Resistant to rain, snow, sun, dust

Support global multi-band channels

Compatible with mechanical chimes

Support Amazon Alexa

Bird feeder camera

XNUTSHELL®️ AI Birdfeeder camera

AI bird types recognition - 11,000

Automatic recording

Video history with cloud storage

Solar panel with battery integrated

Resistant to rain, snow, sun, dust

Bird knowledge link to Wikipedia

Anti-squirrel design

Large capacity for bird food

Customized color and design

Bird toy accessories


Thrilled with CG6 and CQ1 cameras! Outstanding quality, easy to sell, and customers love it. XNUTSHELL's support is exceptional. A game-changer for our business! #TopNotchProduct



Chief Product Officer

Impressed with DB1 & DB2 video doorbell! Top-notch features, fast-selling product, and excellent support from XNUTSHELL. Customers adore it. Highly recommended! #GameChanger



Head of Marketing

AI bird feeder camera is a massive hit! Sold 150k in 2 months! Thanks to XNUTSHELL for this incredible product. Our customers are obsessed! #HugeSuccess



Sales Manager

The Services Are Endless

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Image by Micah Boswell


XNUTSHELL AI security wireless camera CG6
XNUTSHELL AI video doorbell DB1
XNUTSHELL AI PTZ security wireless camera CQ1
XNUTSHELL AI cube camera CK1
XNUTSHELL AI birdfeeder camera
XNUTSHELL AI bullet security wireless camera CG7
XNUTSHELL AI PTZ pet camera X08

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XNUTSHELL AI security wireless camera CG1
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