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Cloud Storage

Store the video recordings in the 
cloud for up to 60 days. Review them 
anytime, anywhere.

Vicohome Awareness

Events Monitor

Perceive the difference between 
person, package, animal or vehicle, and tell users what they are doing. 
Never miss an important event.

Customizable Alerts

Customize alerts only for important events, such as person and package. 
Peace of mind but minimized 

Cloud Storage

Only get alters of the area that users care about and eliminate unnecessary notifications.

AI Person Detection


Person detected
Person passing by
Person wandering

AI Pet Detection


Pet detected
Pet passing by
Pet wandering

AI Re-ID Vehicle identification

Re-ID Vehicle

Marked vehicles
Unmarked vehicles

AI Package Detection


Package delivered
Package picked up
​Package stranded

AI Vehicle detection


Vehicle approaching
Vehicle leaving
Vehicle parked

AI Bird Detection & Identification


Bird detected
Bird species

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