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Embedded Software Development

XNUTSHELL®️ provides easy-to-use embedded software development solutions that enable you to build and link your IoT products in the most time-efficient manner.

What is it?

XNUTSHELL®️ provides a no-code development platform that offers a full range of device-level embedded software with rich functionality. No-code development means that you don't need to have any coding skills or any prior experience in embedded software development, nor do you have to recruit a development team. With our platform, all you need to do is select a hardware product and you will get a network module programmed with full firmware as well as a mobile app, making it possible for you to develop, produce, and launch a smart IoT product in a short time. The platform also provides maintenance and OTA upgrade services to equip your products.

Do I need it?

The no-code development platform is what you need if you want to save yourself the hassle of programming embedded software from scratch.


  • Short Cycle Time

  • Low Cost

  • Diverse Hardware

  • Pioneering System Functionality

Development Process

  1. Product selection

  2. Configure firmware (optional)

  3. Debugging

  4. Purchase

  5. Production

App Development

XNUTSHELL®️ offers multiple solutions for mobile app development. Whether you want to build a brand-new app or integrate new features into an existing one, you can trust us to deliver a desirable mobile app that ensures reliable connectivity and AI functions for your smart products.

What is it?
XNUTSHELL®️ provides all-in-one apps that connect and control all smart products on the platform. Our solutions enable you to make your products connected and intelligent at zero cost and within a short time. All you need is to develop and manufacture the hardware. No additional investment in R&D resources is required, and no O&M costs will be incurred in the future. The free-of-charge all-in-one apps incorporate all the features of the latest user experiences. The apps also support seamless switching between multiple languages including Chinese, English, German, French, and Japanese etc., which will help you tap into the global market smoothly.

Do I need it?
Choose the all-in-one app solution if you want to minimize your investment in app development and launch your product as soon as possible.


  • Free of Charge

  • Multi-Language Support

  • Continuous Innovation

  • Guaranteed Reliability and Stability

Development Process

  1. Develop hardware products

  2. Customize exclusive firmware

  3. Download the all-in-one app by scanning a QR code or from app stores

IoT Essence

The IoT Essence provides all the basic IoT functions, which can be accessed in XNUTSHELL®️ cloud, or in your privately deployed cloud.

Account Management

  • Account register

  • Account roles

  • Account sharing

  • 3rd party auth

  • Up to tens of millions of account

  • management

Device Management

  • Device register

  • Message broker(mqtt-tls/https)

  • Device state mirror

  • Programmable trigger

  • Monitoring & statistics

  • Up to hundreds of millions of devices on-line management

Cloud Storage

  • Event-based storage

  • 7x24 storage

  • Video slicing

  • Smart indexing (person, pets, vehicles, etc.)

  • Privacy/GDPR certificate

  • Encryption during data transmission and storage for data safety


Message & Notification

  • App/email/SMS/phone notifications

  • Smart notification filter with Uni-Smart

  • Low latency in second-level


Get insights of user behavior and device usage with the Operation Center.

What is it?
The Operation Center provides comprehensive data analysis of device usage and app user behavior based on registrations, activations, activities, VAS purchases, interactions, and user feedback.

Do I need it?
If you want to know the user growth and behavior at different stages of the product cycle, and to optimize operation strategies accordingly, you should get the operation center product.


  • Device Analysis

  • App Analysis

  • User Analysis

  • Feedback

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